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My 5 (Everyday) Wardrobe Staples

February 2, 2019

My 5 (Everyday) Wardrobe Staples

As I keep packing and unpacking, I notice more and more patterns. Lately, I’ve been realizing that of everything I own, I turn to the same few pieces of clothing for 99% of situations, so I wanted to put together a full current list. And shocker, I know, most of them are black, white or gray. #NeutralsForLife.

Oakley Frogskins Lite

I’ve worn A LOT of sunglasses over the years but I’ve never had as many comments and attempted thefts as I have since I started wearing Oakley Frogskins Lite Sunglasses.

They’re the ultimate in sporty casual, with a hint of punk rock. I wear them both for casual rides and runs, and for everyday life. Of course, Oakleys aren’t cheap, but these are worth their weight in gold (or more, because as the name implies, they are hella light.). Cannot recommend enough. (Sidenote: remember the hoodie I’m wearing there because that is also on the list.)

Get them here

Old Navy 24-7 Jeans

If you’ve ever met/seen me, you know I am generally a leggings and yoga pants person. Sometimes, I’ll dress it up with a minidress over leggings and call it good, and in the summer, cut-offs are my jam. But as an athletic type with a sensitive stomach, me + jeans DO NOT get along. If I find a pair that fits in the waist, my cyclist calves can’t fit in the skinny legs. Boyfriend jeans make me look shorter than usual, and that’s saying something. And as someone who has a really touchy stomach, especially when out and in social situations, I find I have a hard time with any waistband that feels constricting at all. So generally, I avoid jeans. But I recently stumbled on Old Navy’s Mid-Rise Rockstar 24/7 Jeans and now I’m obsessed. They’re super soft and stretchy, but unlike most ‘jeggings’ (ugh), these have a normal waistband, zipper, button, and FRONT AND BACK POCKETS. If you look closely, obviously, these don’t pass muster as serious denim. But I can sprint and climb in them, and do long drives/flights in them, and they actually look pretty freaking good. (The black and gray are my favorites but I also have the dark wash denim now.) Get them here, for under $45.

White T-Shirt

I always come back to three things when it comes to my personal style: Black jeans, leather moto jacket and a white tshirt. I feel like no matter what, if you’re wearing those, you’re good to go. But a perfect white tshirt? Now, finding one has eluded me over the years. I randomly popped into an Urban Outfitters in DC a few months ago right before giving a talk at the Rapha DC Clubhouse and stumbled across the UO The Mom V-Neck Tee in white — for only $20. It’s just the right depth of v-neck, just the right loose fit, and it avoids being completely see-through (nude bra still recommended unless you’re into a black lace bra showing under it, which I am about half the time now). I freaking love it. So if you’re still trying to find the right white tshirt, you really can’t go wrong with this one. PS: It’s held up to a ton of washes so far and hasn’t had any shrinking issues. (The moto jacket I have right now is from a store we found in The Netherlands, and I can’t find it online!)

White Boyfriend-Cut Button-Down

With shorts, leggings or jeans. I’ll use a boyfriend-cut white button down shirt instead of the white tshirt for any slightly dressier occasions, and I spent this summer wearing a button-down tied at the waist with cutoffs and my Oakley Frogskins almost daily. It’s my favorite blend of slightly-dressier-than-a-tshirt but still super casual. (It’s also obviously a Mary Kate and Ashley throwback.)

Grana Boyfriend V-Neck Cashmere Sweater

If you see me in any kind of chilly-ish weather, the odds are stacked HIGH that I am wearing a Grana Boyfriend V-Neck Cashmere Sweater. I size up and get medium or large because I prefer them super slouchy and so they cover my bum when I wear leggings. At first, I was if-y about cashmere because handwashing is annoying. But then I realized a) quality shows, b) you can wear them a few times before they need to be washed, c) handwashing means they don’t get misshapen or require a dryer to shrink back to size or anything, so they’re ideal for when we’re on the road.

Lululemon Align II Tights

Again, I resisted lululemon tights for YEARS. I didn’t think there was any good reason to pay that much for tights… and then, I started having to go to Europe for work a bunch, and without access to a super good washer/dryer, I suddenly understood the difference between my $100 tights and my $15 ones from Target. The cheap ones stretch and require a drier to shrink back, while the lululemons stayed perfect even when I had to handwash/air dry. Now, I have 3 pairs of the Align II tights (the cropped length works for me because I am hella short), and that’s really all I need legging-wise.

(Get them here.)

Chrome Merino Wool Pasha Hoodie

That hoodie I’m wearing in the picture above? Yep, the Chrome Merino Wool Pasha Hoodie. I’m not even going to go into why I’m obsessed because if you’ve met me, you’ve heard, you know. I LIVE in this hoodie. It’s not exactly the same, but you can get the men’s version, the Cobra, and if you get the XS or S, it’s pretty similar. But I have high hopes for a return of the Pasha. (But I also have a whole list of other merino hoodies I’ve tried and loved over the years here.)


Vivo Barefoot Ryder Boots or Otillo Sneakers

I’ve talked about it ad nauseum, but I love Vivo Barefoot and I firmly believe that even if you don’t run barefoot (and I don’t all the time), spending most of your time in barefoot shoes is huge. I love the Ryder knee-high boots and I’ve been wearing them all winter because it is SO NICE to be able to walk to the store or dinner in nicer looking shoes, but most of the time, I’m just wearing my Otillo Sneakers, with the bright orange soles. I also have my eye on a pair of their slipons for spring, so I’ll swap the boots out for those. (Seriously, this is one company that should sponsor me, the amount of times I talk them up entirely out of love.)


OK, let me know in the comments: What are your top wardrobe go-tos? (Coming up next… accessories. That is a work in progress.)



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