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“Mud, Snow and Cyclocross” on VeloNews

December 18, 2012

“Mud, Snow and Cyclocross” on VeloNews

Very excited to have made the VeloNews article “Make your season brighter with three new ’cross books” with Mud, Snow and Cyclocross. Just in time for Christmas!

“For fans still scratching their heads over why anybody would ride a bike through the mud when it’s 35 degrees out, Molly Hurford’s “Mud, Snow, and Cyclocross” (Deeds Publishing, 2012) might just help answer the question. Hurford’s book is less personal — although no less compelling — than Proctor’s, and offers an excellent survey of the state of cyclocross in its American variety. Hurford walks readers though the rise of cyclocross in the United States, introducing both the pioneers who helped carry the sport from its roots on the fringes of cycling to its popularity explosion in the past decade, and the current stars, many of whom hope to be on the podium in Louisville in February. She also provides primers on the basics of ‘cross racing and equipment, and homegrown traditions that make American ’cross uniquely American. Anybody still wondering what the fuss over cyclocross is all about would do well to check out Hurford’s book.” -Dan Seaton


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