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Mindful Running: Part 1 for The Athletic Bookworms

November 17, 2017

Mindful Running: Part 1 for The Athletic Bookworms

Instead of posting questions like I did for our Brave Athlete book club read last month, I’m just going to start a discussion on a couple of points in this month’s book, Mindful Running by Mackenzie Havey. I’d love it if you guys jump in and add thoughts in the comments and get a conversation going! OK, so I’m really digging this book.

“I like to say that mindful running can take you from zoom to zen,” she writes early in the book. I love running for letting my brain wander: I admit, I listen to podcasts while I run most of the time, but honestly, my mind wanders like crazy and the talking often turns into white noise, and I can think through weird problems and writing stuff. It’s been my moving meditation because, as I’ve said before, I suck at meditation.

But after reading the first few chapters of the book, I decided to give running mindfully a try, listening and focusing on my breathe while running. We’re in Belgium right now, and I went for a run yesterday. I almost put in headphones so I could listen to a podcast, but at the last minute, decided to just let it go and actually try the whole breathing thing. It was pretty excellent, I have to admit. Turns out it was helpful being in a new place so I wouldn’t start feeling bored and it was easier to be more present. I think, for people at home / me when I go home, finding an easy new route might be the best way to tune in to your mindful running practice.

Havey isn’t just about meditating in run, she talks about adding it as a standalone practice as well. And so, let’s talk meditation for a hot second. I’m a little tired of hearing about the Headspace app, if I’m going to be honest. I’ve used it and never been madly in love with it. But recently, Peter started using the Oak app for breathing and meditation on the iPhone and I just got into it as well. It’s awesome: really simple, you can set your timer, choose male or female voice, guided or unguided, white noise or silence, and just run it. Super simple. Highly, highly recommend.

(You might also want to check out: My guide to meditation (for those of us who hate to meditate). )

OK, that’s all for now! Again, please hop in the comments and let me know what you think about the book so far!

Also, have you listened to our Consummate Athlete Podcast episode with Mackenzie Havey? It’s SO good!

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