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“Mindful Running” by Mackenzie Havey — Athletic Bookworms Book Club

October 10, 2017

“Mindful Running” by Mackenzie Havey — Athletic Bookworms Book Club

Bookworms!  know we didn’t have a ton of engagement in the comments for the first book club where we read The Brave Athlete, but that isn’t a reason to stop! (Also, I read a lot anyway, so I’m just stoked to have a venue to be sharing it!) So, let’s talk about our next read: “Mindful Running.”

I just picked up an AWESOME book for our next read: “Mindful Running” by Mackenzie Havey. It just came out, and bonus, it’s only $11 on Amazon for the print version! (The Kindle version isn’t out until December, so I may decide to run a secondary book club along with this one so people who prefer Kindle versions can keep reading.)

Mindful Running: How Meditative Running can Improve Performance and Make you a Happier, More Fulfilled Person

It’s not just for runners, though: I’d say anyone who’s into meditation or interested in using endurance sport to clear a little more headspace will be super into it. I’m really excited to finish it—as soon as I started thumbing through yesterday, I had to make a dive for my highlighter and instantly had a huge list of things I wanted to try and cool quotes. And it’s a bit more prose-y than the Brave Athlete, so it might be a bit better for sparking more discussion.

Stay tuned for dates and questions and comments on this page, but for now, let’s get reading!

Buy your Kindle copy for $7.99 here:


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