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Marco Altini on HRV and Training on The Consummate Athlete Podcast

February 15, 2020

Marco Altini on HRV and Training on The Consummate Athlete Podcast

Last week, we were so lucky to have Marco Altini of HRV4Training on the show to talk all things heart rate variability. We’ve had Marco on in the past (you can find that episode here) and Peter and I have used his app and measured HRV for a really long time. (I also wrote about how taking HRV is a sneaky way of introducing meditation into your life.)  In this episode, Marco returned to answer top listener questions about HRV and also to provide a few updates on the latest research around apply HRV to sport and recovery.

So, give the episode a listen…. And as always, let us know what you think by leaving us a rating or review on iTunes! Those ratings/reviews really do help us book big guests on the show, and as we’re getting into Year 3 of running the podcast, we’re looking even harder at what the future holds for it, so if you’ve found yourself tuning in over the last couple years, please share the love.

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