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A Little Duh, But… The Many Benefits of Training With a Plan

December 19, 2017

A Little Duh, But… The Many Benefits of Training With a Plan

Raise your hand if you ever rolled your eyes at the idea of seeking out a coach or working off of a training plan while getting ready for a goal race. (*Raises hand.*)

Yeah, training plans can be sort of a P in the A. But—shocker—they really can help make you a much better athlete (and don’t need to cost a fortune!). Let’s be honest: we need a road map to get where we want to go in the most efficient way. If you aren’t working from a training plan, you’re likely over or under-training, and doing the wrong kind of training for whatever your goal is. Sad, but true. I’m SUPER guilty of this! So, if you needed any more convincing that a training plan for this season *might just* be a good idea, MapMyRun and I are here to convince you.

Click to read “The Many Benefits of Training With a Plan”

PS: Shameless plug, but for good reason! Have you checked out our super-simple three-month training plan designed by SmartAthlete coach Peter Glassford and myself to kickstart any cyclist’s program? This is the perfect time of year to put it into action!





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