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Listen to a Great Chat About Women’s Cycling Experience on CJSR Bike Bits

January 31, 2018

Listen to a Great Chat About Women’s Cycling Experience on CJSR Bike Bits

Obviously, I can talk about women’s cycling all day, every day. So last week, it was particularly exciting when CJSR Bike Bits asked me to hop on the phone and chat all things women’s cycling, from issues in racing to what makes riding so great, plus—of course—me soapboxing about saddle sores and tossing around the term ‘labial inequalities’ like it was going out of style. Same old, same old. Anyway, it’s about an hour long, and if you’re looking for a weird, fun discussion on everything from podium girls to what another Molly—Molly MacDougal—has seen that women are looking for in group rides, this is a great listen! (Huge thanks to Karly and Pete for having me on—this is my second time on the show and it’s always a blast!)

About the show: CJSR’s bicycle traffic reporter Karly Coleman and I were joined by Molly Hurford, an American writer and bicycle racer, and Molly MacDougal, an Edmonton based co-organiser of Fatbikes4MS and mountain bike racer, to talk about women and cycling. From treatment in bike stores to women specific saddle sores the show tried to cover as much as one hour can around how women access and use bikes differently to men. Including racing, advocacy and the utopian future.

Listen to it here.



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