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Katie Compton Chats About Tour of California and the Off-Season

May 20, 2013

Katie Compton Chats About Tour of California and the Off-Season

usgp-sun-prairie-day-2-hurfordLast week, we checked in with the King of Scottish cyclocross, Rab Wardell. So it only seemed fitting that today we see what the Queen of American cyclocross has been up to so far in the off-season. With the Tour of California happening right now, and Compton taking part in the women’s time trial section of it, it was the perfect time to check in.

The first thing I want to know is, what’s next? I’d spotted her name on the time trial start list for Tour of California, but Compton’s traditionally been more of a mountain biker in the off-season. “I’m not doing much mountain biking, but I’m doing Gila this year. That will be a good training race, and then Tour of California and that’s about it for the next couple of months,” Compton says.

Does this mean a focus on the road? “No,” she laughs, “Let’s not say mostly road. I’m going to do some track racing for speed and fitness and fun. The road racing just came about because of the Tour of California.”

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