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January Letter From The Editor

January 16, 2020

January Letter From The Editor

I hesitate to even write a January letter from the editor/check in because let’s be honest, with my intense love of all things resolutions and our new (free!) habit guide email series, I feel like everything there is to say about January has already been said… Except then I realize that January is more than just January 1. (Hell, that’s why most people can’t stick to their resolutions, because January IS a full month of 31 days.) So a lot more has happened and is happening besides the fact that I’m dry-brushing and also flossing and moisturizing every day because I am now getting old enough that that stuff is no longer negotiable. I have plenty to say about resolutions and will in coming weeks as I see if I can stick to some of mine…


January also kicked off getting to debut this kick-ass kit that I designed in conjunction with Champion System. Their custom process is SO GOOD, from the design to the actual kit itself, honestly. I couldn’t be happier with how it came out, and the fact that it actually fits like a dream in addition to, you know, looking great is a huge plus. Really loving the long-sleeve jersey in particular, and the wind vest. The combo of the two is perfect for climbing on chilly-ish days. Unzip the vest and feel Pro AF, then rezip at the top for the descent. Boom.

Obviously, it would be hard to do rides like this in Ontario so on that note, the other big change is that we’re in Spain for the winter, and I’m rocking new Shred Girls kit from Champion Systems (and riding an amazing new gravel bike from Factor for a long-term test!) in and around Girona. So those are big happenings. Adjusting to life in another country for two and a half months is a weird animal: We’re coaching camps for chunks of the time, so we’re not settled in one apartment for the entirety of the stay, and that makes things a little tough for me to get into good routines. It’s tempting to throw routine to the wind and not try to get our current place set up for the best use of the space since we’re only in it for a month, but we decided to prioritize that since in February and March, we won’t have as much autonomy. So, our first day here involved me farmer’s carrying a 35 pound kettlebell over a kilometer to the house, getting a yoga mat for my morning routine, and reorganizing the furniture to make more space for bikes. It didn’t take long, once it was all said and done, and I feel more at home because of it.

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I’m contrary, of course. When we’re on the road, I dream of home, and vice versa. So naturally, I’m already plotting our return to Ontario and what that entails (hint, ‘woof.’). But trying to remember to Be Present and enjoy each moment where we are, because I know it’s going to go by in a flash.

So that’s January—it’s sort of a strange month because it feels like a pretty long runway into February and March, when we’re coaching camps for big chunks of the time, which means that I’ll be firing on all cylinders. But I find that when I am in those situations, where one workday ends and another begins, between coaching and writing, that’s when I’m the most efficient/effective with my time. While I know it’ll be a little hectic and I’ll have moments where I feel a little bit teetering towards overwhelmed, I also know that those times are the absolute best for honing routines, getting really specific about what needs to get done, and honestly, figuring out exactly what projects mean the most to me and why. But right now, I am enjoying the runway, ramping up my training volume so I’m prepared, trying to get a lot of work done ahead of time, et cetera.

How’s everyone else doing so far in the new decade?





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