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Boston.com: Massachusetts Man is King of Cyclocross
He’s a superstar in his sport, and stars in a reality show. When not hanging out with his girlfriend, he’s spending time training with other pro athletes, traveling all over the country to compete.
No, we’re not talking about Kris Humphries on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. We’re talking about Jeremy Powers, otherwise known J-Pow, who stars in his own reality series, Behind the Barriers. As of Jan. 8, he’s the new reigning King of US Cyclocross, after winning the Elite Men’s race at the National Championships, arguably the biggest race in US cyclocross.
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Skratch Labs: Video of Allen Lim on Nutrition & Hydration for the Tim Johnson Ride on Washington
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Triathlete Magazine
Science of the Sports Bra
IBS and the Triathlete

Social Media

Working with outplaced executives at Mullin & Associates, I developed presentations and webinars explaining the importance of social media, created a social media presence for the company, and offered one-on-one coaching for the clients.

I also managed social media for Business Expert Press, and currently do for Cyclocross Magazine.

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