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In Cyclocross Magazine: Improving Skills, One Clinic at a Time

September 4, 2012

In Cyclocross Magazine: Improving Skills, One Clinic at a Time


Lately, Western Massachusetts has been buzzing with events tailored with one goal in mind: to make the women racers in the area as strong as they possibly can be, all while having a great time. Between women-only group rides on MTBs to Mechanic Night featuring pro racer and mechanic Justin Lindine to an informal clinic just for the area’s women.

Women racers have a long tradition of helping each other: from the You Got This series of articles from the 3/4 women in the Verge Series last year to clinics hosted by pros like Katie Compton, Kaitie Antonneau and Mo Bruno Roy, women are always quick to help each other in any way possible.

It doesn’t take much to organize these events. For an informal group ride, a simple Facebook group invite can net plenty of interested cyclists. The other two are a bit more complex, but ultimately, are simple enough to organize cheaply but with great results. Thanks to social media to spread the word, hosting quick and casual events is a breeze.

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