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In “Bicycle Times”- D2R2: Learning What it Means to be Tough

August 28, 2012

In “Bicycle Times”- D2R2: Learning What it Means to be Tough

I was so excited to get the chance to write a post about the awesome dirt/road ride D2R2 for Bicycle Times, a magazine I’ve loved for a long time.

When I was down in Georgia back in February, I raced Southern Cross: 54 miles of some road, some dirt, some gravel, some fast descents, some wicked slow hills. It was a grind, and when I finished that race, I was exhausted. THAT, I thought, was a hard race.

Then, I did D2R2, which, consequently, is not even technically a race. It is a “fun ride” where even the shortest distance is longer than the Southern Cross distance, with more climbing and infinitely more dirt. And while it is billed as a “fun” ride, I don’t think my heart rate went under 150 the whole time, mainly because even on the screaming downhills, I was fervently hoping that I wasn’t about to eat it and roll off the edge into the woods or streams below. I’m sure there is a way to ride with “easy,” but I have yet to meet a New England cyclist that believes in riding anything easy, let alone roads where there are “competitors” out ahead of you.

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