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How To Work Out With Your Partner (Without Resorting to Curse Words.)

May 18, 2018

How To Work Out With Your Partner (Without Resorting to Curse Words.)

Peter and I are obviously a pretty active couple… But guess how often we train together? During Ironman training last summer, we maxed at 4 times a week, but most of those were in the pool doing our own workouts just at the same time to avoid having to share lanes with random people. (Ha! But seriously.) Now, we run together pretty often, and train together at the gym about as often. But it’s not super frequent… And despite our common love of riding, we very rarely get on bikes together. We love when we do train together, but over the last five years, we’ve had to figure out how to make our workouts together/separate work with our lives and our personal preferences. That means more solo than partner workouts, and a serious dedication to not letting a bad session (or a tough one) get us (me) into a bad mood.

I took those lessons we’ve learned/unlearned/relearned over the years, plus what I’ve found about working out with other types of partners, like friends/siblings/co-workers, and put it together into my best tips over on Nylon. Check it out—you might just save your relationship!

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