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How To Train With Your Partner

August 16, 2018

How To Train With Your Partner

Over on Nylon, I wrote about a subject I hold near and dear to my heart, and weirdly write about A LOT: How To Work Out With Your Partner. Peter and I, as many of you know, have spent the last almost five years trying to figure this out! I used to try to ride with him a lot more, and usually that ended with both of us super grumpy because his endurance is my tempo, and the less said about what his threshold is for me (all out sprint), the better. We do still ride together but only when we’ve pre-set our expectations, like if we’re going out to work on mountain bike skills or something specific. What we do together is run, hike, strength train and swim — activities we’ve found we’re pretty evenly matched on (I just lift a bit lighter on the strength training days!). So it’s been a work in progress, but we’ve gotten a good handle on it… And the same is true for not just my life partner, but my other workout partners like the crew of women I run with! A lot of what we’ve learned is about setting expectations really clearly. But enough about my specific situation—check out the full article here! (And maybe subtly share it with your partner if you’ve had any struggles…)

Click to read: How To Work Out With Your Partner

^How not to work out with your partner… get a leg cramp that necessitates being carried down a hill!


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