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How to Fuel Your Trail Running

June 7, 2017

How to Fuel Your Trail Running

I love writing about all things sports nutrition—hence my book Fuel Your Ride—so being asked to figure out the best food and drink options and tips for trail running over at MapMyRun.com was a blast. I got to chat with some of my favorite trail runners in the process: Lindsay Webster of OCR fame (and a former podcast guest of ours!), our good friend Eric Batty, a top ultra-runner in the states and a sports nutrition expert. One of the best tips that I can’t agree with more is the idea of game-playing for your race: if you now you’re going to need to race with a fuel belt or pack, specifically, train with a pack or belt!

I know for me, this is huge: my stomach does not love belts during runs, so I need a pack—and even then, I definitely would never go into a race without testing it and being prepared to have it on for a lot of miles. I also loved that the sports nutrition expert acknowledged that for shorter runs under around an hour, fueling just isn’t as much of an issue as we make it.

Anyway, take a look to see the rest of the tips:

How to Fuel Your Trail Running


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  1. ewlake

    Great article! BTW, love your t-shirt. : ) Where did you get it?

    • My sister got it for me at TJ Maxx—it's hilarious, right?!

  2. Forget fat-adaptation and a ketogenic diet if you’re planning to do any kind of serious endurance running. "Carbohydrates are king during long runs and races."

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