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How To (Finally) Do A Push-up

October 19, 2018

How To (Finally) Do A Push-up

I’m a huge fan of being able to do a proper pushup — and I’m decidedly NOT a fan of the knee-push-ups. Why? Because the knee ones may not be ~bad~ per se, but they don’t leave you with anywhere to go. You can’t progress! There’s no ramp-up from a knee pushup, other than going directly to a standard push-up, and rarely do you see someone make that leap. So, over on Nylon, I put together a series of pushup progressions that ANYONE can do, that take under 1 minute per day, and will have you doing a proper push-up in just a few weeks. (Plus getting a solid mini-strength workout in on the daily.) The secret? Slow, incremental progress (shocker, I know). So if you’ve always struggled to do a pushup, or maybe you can even do a couple but would like to see yourself make more progress, I’d love it if you checked out the full story.

(Already have pushups nailed? Check out our video on how to nail a proper pull-up here!)

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How To (Finally) Do A Push-up





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