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How to Dance—and Not Be Self-Conscious—with Michelle Hillier

March 31, 2018

How to Dance—and Not Be Self-Conscious—with Michelle Hillier

Raise your hand if you love the idea of going dancing but maybe aren’t the most confident on the dance floor. *Raises hand.* I was great in mosh pits in my misspent youth, and once I get going at a wedding now, I freaking love dancing, but it’s definitely something that makes me super self-conscious, especially at first. And I think a lot of us more outdoorsy people feel like this (maybe even more so for the guys!). So, we were stoked to get Michelle Hillier, founder of Experience Groove, on the Consummate Athlete Podcast to chat all about how to get more confident and comfortable with dancing. (We even went to one of her local events the week after, and while it felt goofy at first, we had a blast!)

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