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How to Cope With (and Turn Around) a Bad Workout

June 14, 2019

How to Cope With (and Turn Around) a Bad Workout

Bad workouts are a fact of life/training. They’re impossible to avoid… and honestly, I try look at a crappy workout as a positive in a lot of ways. Feeling exhausted? That may be because you went super hard the day before, or maybe it was because you were out last night hanging out with friends for the first time in a while. Feeling sluggish? Great–that means there’s room for improvement! If every workout was amazing, you wouldn’t get the high of hitting the best interval of your life… In so many ways, the bad workouts are what let us have good workouts. But that’s easy to say in hindsight. In the moment, they suck.

So, of course, I talked to some experts and wrote about it in this article… But I’d also love to hear from you: how do you turn around your bad workouts? Personally, I try to get it done (the miles or the hours, whichever is on the schedule) to the best of my abilities (which may include walking some days!) and then I try to forget about it right when I get home (except for updating my coach, of course!). Then a few hours later, I’ll try to think through it more rationally to figure out where the breakdown was and if it was something lifestyle related that I can fix. BUT ANYWAY.

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