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January 22, 2020


I’m so excited about the lineup of speakers we have for the How to Be Outside Speaker Series coming to the Gayety Theatre in Collingwood, ON, on October 9. Speakers range from professional athletes to local outdoor enthusiasts who’ve started movements of their own to advocates who work on a broader scale to improve awareness around topics like climate change and the power of pedaling. The evening promises to be a total blast, thanks to the amazing speakers listed below. Check out the program and make sure to get your tickets ASAP (and share with a friend!)  Tickets available here

A speaker series devoted to outdoor adventure, inspiration + motivation



Eric Batty: Documenting and Capturing Authentic Adventure Photographs

I will talk about the fundamentals for telling your story and adding life and meaning to your images. From the basic iPhone to the bank breaking cameras we will break down what makes good photographs and how to apply it to your story.

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All inclusive resorts ain’t got nothing on this! Sorting through some old photos and getting the winter stoke on! Photo is from winter 2018, where myself and two friends @ryanatkinsdiet @buckyjmiller skied and snowshoed 165km diagonally across Algonquin Park. Obviously we had to carry all our gear and food for the 11 day trip. The three of us will be doing a talk about some of our winter adventures at the @arcteryxtoronto store this Thursday November 28th in the evening. If your in the area – drop by and say hello! #arcteryx #protectourwinters #pow #explorecanada #ontario #explorersedge #muskoka #discoverontario #yourstodiscover #thevisualscollective #theoutbound #sonyalpha #sonya7riii #becausecanada #exploretocreate #nordicskiing #neverstopexploring #natgeoyourshot #algonquinpark #algonquinprovincialpark #crossingalgonquin #yourshotphotographer #canada #getoutside #astrophotography #neverstopexploring #sharecangeo #backcountry #backcountryskiing

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Virginia Gingras: Imperfectly Perfect Living: Thriving while Surviving

It is possible to thrive in the midst of totally chaos, uncertainty or sudden tragedy. I found it deep in the forest and uncovered so many gifts from the very tragedy that froze my world. When the carpet is suddenly pulled out from under you and your world changes in ways you could never imagine, the forest always remains constant. On any given day it can mend wounds and heal the heart, mind and soul. When I turned to it, it did not let me down but rather provided me with a way to THRIVE while I was barely holding on. When you are lost, the forest does not judge. When you are in pain, the forest doesn’t compare or rate its severity. When you are confused, the forest does not demand. When you are losing hope, the forest is just simply there….and that is always enough. It was my time in the forest that gave me the strength to share with you my story. Can you really THRIVE while you are deep in the midsts of SURVIVING? I say why not?

Chantal Demers: Setting the Bruce Trail Women’s Fastest Known Time

A talk about my 906km journey on the Bruce Trail record, from the logistics of planning this 12 day run, the support of my crew, the community involvement and what kept me motivated to keep trucking along.

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“Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive!” . @racehuron 50km on Saturday did just that!! Congrats to all the runners and the @wildbrucechase @deanroutine and @scorpionwoman for spectacular finishes😘 . First female, new CR, 7th overall but most importantly, it was fun!!! . #chantals2019runningjourney #udhydratesme #altrarunning #teamrunningskirts #icespikes #endurancetap #runlove #adventureawaits #adventure #longrunday #fun #nature #trailrunning #running #ultra #love #justrun #loverunning #nevernotrunning #runlikeagirl #runnersofinstagram #wearetherunners #womenshealth #womenrunning #runinspireshare #optoutside #runshots #stravarun #runningmakesmehappy

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Matthew Pioro: A Guy at Desk Helping Riders to Get Outside

Missives from a cycling editor: Do you need a gravel bike? What’s with the rise of indoor cycling? What could possibly drive someone nuts about bikepacking? When is it OK to steal a bike? Editor Matthew Pioro has been putting out Canadian Cycling Magazine for almost eight years. In that time, he’s wrestled with trends and bikes themselves, sometimes with success.

Erika Langman: Bringing Women into Extreme Sports

Erika is responsible for bringing the first women’s wakeboarding event to the Pan Am Games last summer, where she came in fourth. From wakeboarding to lake-surfing to life at Blue Mountain, Erika is constantly bringing women into extreme sports and showing what she can do on the waves and the mountain!

Ryan Markham: Creating a Life of Action

Whether clicking into skis, surfing the bay, or riding trails with friends, getting outside is about being fully present. How Red Bull mountain biker turned outdoor enthusiast and sauna-builder Ryan Markham found his flow in Collingwood by taking advantage of less-embraced elements of life in Ontario, from cold plunges to winter surfing.

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This beautiful 6ft Sauna was a true luxury for our family. As it was mobile, we visited many special family gatherings and she eventually was featured in Mountain Life Magazine in 2018. These wood fired or electric saunas come in red western cedar or white knotty cedar. The trailer is optional and pricing similar to buying a new hot tub. Many options available so pricing is custom to your space. Interested in your own Sauna? Drop us a note and let’s design yours! Thank you @scottparentphoto , Ned & @glenedwardharris for the feature! Mountain Life Magazine boys you guys rule! 🤘🏻🙏🏻 #local #wood #sauna #woodfired #wetordry #stilltime #dealerbuilder @mountainlifemedia 🇨🇦🔥💫

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Tara Hunt: Reclaiming Your Wild

Once upon a time there was a little version of yourself today. In fact this little version is still with you today. The only thing that has changed is your perception towards “it”. This perception shapes and reshapes your present reality. Don’t let flesh and bones fool you. Using your imagination you deceived yourself away from your inner child, your inner freedom, your unique wild one. And so, to awaken from your own deception you too must use your imagination. Your imagination is both your weapon and your shield.

Caitlin Foisy: How the Early AF Run Club Built a Community

After multiple people commented on ‘how fast’ I now run, and how they could never ‘do what I do’ (mom so hard and run), I got fed up. I decided to create an IG account and FB group to encourage others to get out there and be better than they were the day before. While sometimes it can be threatening to be surrounded by so many kick-ass women, it’s true that we grow by lifting each other up. In this talk I will go over our group of badass women, how we got here, and why everyone needs to have crazy goals to push each other toward.

Justin Jones: Collingwood is Bike Town USA

Any town can be a Biketown, and Justin Jones of Share the Road is discussing how we can go from playing on bikes to using them to make change in our community by making the town a more bike-friendly, accessible place where kids can ride to school, it’s easier to do errands by bike, and commuting by car becomes a thing of the past.

Molly Hurford: Thinking Outside the Box to Get More Kids Outside

Taking unconventional approaches to solving the problem of getting more kids outside and adventuring in nature, to ensure a happier, healthier young community.

Kate + Scott Holmes: Starting an Inclusive Riding Community

We’ll talk about how CORC was inspired by the west coast Cycling Associations that were creating an inclusive riding community. We wanted to bring together all of the small pockets of local mountain bikers and try to offer something that would be exciting for all levels and disciplines of trail/dirt riders, it needed to be non-competitive, couldn’t be attached to a single bike shop or business and needed to draw in community support. Trail stewardship and land access was also a driving force. Some of the best potential trails are on private land and we needed an organization that could approach land owners and take responsibility for new trail creation, maintenance, and insurance. So with this big vision, the next step was to call in some friends with varying backgrounds to try and get this idea off the ground… and so Collingwood Off-Road Cycling Association was formed.

Leslie Timms: Using Injury as a Turning Point in a Pro Climbing Career

Owner of On the Rocks guiding and professional climber Leslie Timms is no stranger to handling injuries as an athlete. But rather than letting minor mishaps define a season (or her life), she turns them into opportunities and has created the ideal athlete life for herself.

Dave Erb: Turning Your Passion Into Purpose

Protect Our Winters Canada is a passionate community of enthusiasts, professional athletes and industry brands uniting the outdoor community to address climate change. We believe our love of adventure in nature, demands our participation in the fight to save and protect it. While it’s important for individuals to take steps to lower their carbon footprint and adopt important initiatives such as composting, recycling and eating less meat, that’s not the scale of change we need. In order to lower emissions to our target commitments, we need large scale policy solutions. As outdoor enthusiasts we’re on the front lines of climate change and see the impacts first-hand. If we don’t step up and use our voice to protect the places we love and experiences we value, who will? This talk will explore how you can turn your passion for the outdoors into action.

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As we wrap up 2019 and kick off a new decade, it's a good time to reflect on where we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished. For the POW family, 2019 was a year in which we took our skills, experience and grit and turned them into action. Maybe for you it was the year you finally sent that route, completed your first trail race or skied that gnarly couloir––and maybe took your first action as an advocate to protect those same outdoor experiences that get you fired up.⁠ ⁠ We’re taking the success of 2019 and amplifying it in 2020. You’ll find POW engaging the outdoor community to show up and vote––Colorado, Nevada, Michigan, New Hampshire, Maine and North Carolina, we’re coming to you! We plan to pledge 40,000 people to vote by hosting 150 events, ramping up our digital content and outreach, doubling down on our grassroots network and continuing to create tools and resources for our members to help protect the lifestyles we love. But that’s just the hot take––we hope you’ll join us for the full adventure.⁠ ⁠ Hit the link in our bio to get on our mailing list so you never miss an adventure.

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After the speakers, there will be plenty of time to chat with other local outdoors groups and clubs and get involved—using your inspiration from the talks and taking action to make 2020 the best season of your life!


If you’re interested in helping with the event, please email Molly: molly [at] theoutdooredit.com. Sponsorship information for the event is available.

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