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How a Gratitude Journal Can Make You a Better Athlete (Seriously)

December 2, 2019

How a Gratitude Journal Can Make You a Better Athlete (Seriously)

I love running and I love journaling, so naturally, I pitched an article on gratitude journaling as a runner. It’s a habit that I really love, and I really like the fact that as a runner who records her workouts, I’m in an easy position to actually add a note or two about gratitude at the same time: habit stacking at its finest! And the science around gratitude really hits the point home: we all need to do this more, for our health and happiness. So, what are you waiting for?

(PS: I am not the person who’s the best at this practice by far. That honor def belongs to the awesome Amelia Boone, who shares hers regularly on IG)

Click to read: How Gratitude Makes You a Better Runner 





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