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Going To Georgia … Round 2

February 19, 2013

Going To Georgia … Round 2

This time last year, I found myself in Georgia for some serious road training. I stayed with amazing people, made new friends, rode, rode, and rode, and by the time I went home, I had a ton of base miles on my legs and a contract to write a book (the writing of which would destroy said base miles, but still!).

This year, I was in Louisville, Kentucky, for the Cyclocross World Championships. Then, I figured, what the hell? I like warm weather and bike riding and good food. So, back to Athens I went for an amazingly busy but relaxed week of work, work, work, tempered with a bit of bike riding.

And then it was on to Atlanta to stay with the promoters of Southern Cross, a kickass ‘cross/gravel race. We headed up to Dahlonega for the weekend and even though I didn’t race, I had an amazing time. Work got insane, but I met even more incredible people. The sense of community I have here after just a week has been amazing – I didn’t know the people I was staying with, other than in passing, but they welcomed me in and within an hour of being there, I felt like family, hanging out, laughing, joking. And after Southern Cross, we all spent the night at a cabin sharing a big loft of bunk beds. I normally feel comfortable and happy wherever I am because I’ve been fortunate to meet a ton of amazing people, but feeling so at home in a crew of people I’ve never met…it’s been special.

Now, I don’t think I’m ready to leave next week.

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