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Goal of the Week: Stretch Daily!

May 31, 2011

Goal of the Week: Stretch Daily!

Number one goal of the week: be more timely with these postings. But in my defense, yesterday was Tour of Somerville- more on that later- and I’ve been hosting a crew of pro-cyclists since Sunday. So it’s been busy! Right now, we’re sitting at the breakfast table reading Cyclocross Magazine articles that feature Team Mountain Khakis (the guys here) out loud, and they’re helping me come up with questions for the racer interviews I have coming up. It’s a great time, and it’s sort of awesome seeing the life of pro racers- there’s a lot of good and a lot of bad in being a pro cyclist full time. I will admit, if I was that fast, I would be doing it too.

But anyway… Goal of the Week #3: Stretch Daily

This is the last time I remember stretching. It was a year ago.

I’m a notorious non-stretcher. Even at the height of my Ironman training, it was rare that I bothered to touch my toes after a 20 mile run. Now, I have yoga on my schedule for once a week, but I’m the first to admit that at the slightest bit of schedule overlap, that’s the first thing to go. Lately, my IT Band has been acting up, my knee is bugging me more than I’d like to admit, my feet hurt after runs and my shoulders are always tight. I know that stress from a lot of work doesn’t help, but I make it a lot worse by refusing to stretch after exercising.

Therefore, my Goal of the Week is to stretch for 15 min/day.

I found stretches for cyclists (and for IT Band, which is my major problem), so I’ll focus on doing them:

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