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Goal of the Week: Clean Eats!

May 24, 2011

Goal of the Week: Clean Eats!

I’ve decided, after this past week of working towards a goal of maintaining not drinking soda for 7 days, that I have an easier time meeting goals/maintaining them if I set a distinct time-frame.  So I’m going to try this experiment of having a “Goal of the Week.”  I’ll post it on Monday, and then on Sunday night (hopefully- no promises about exactly when things will be posted), I’ll reflect on how the week’s goal went. I believe that if I write about it, I’ll be much more accountable for accomplishing it.

My first one was obviously the lack of Mountain Dew/soft drinks for a week, and I already wrote about how that went.  This week, I’m going to build on that whole “no soda” goal for the Goal of the Week.  In addition to no soda, I’m going to attempt to “eat clean.”  Now, I admit, this won’t be perfect. But I do plan on cutting out/waaaay back on cookies, chips, fried food, etc., and really packing in the fruits, veggies, and lean protein. Again, I’m curious to see just how much my weight can be impacted by cleaning up my diet and being stringent about what I eat, though not necessarily counting calories, per se.

To hold myself accountable, I’m going to keep track of exactly what my day’s menus are on here, and then post it on Sunday night. That way, if I slip up, everyone knows!

I’ll also be doing a monthly “look back” to see how I’m maintaining the goals that I had set (i.e am I still eating decently or did I go back to old habits), and reflect on what’s been happening overall with my training, nutrition and life in general.

Goals in Specific:

See, fresh produce!
  • Eat all of the produce I bought at the store that’s now sitting in the fridge
  • Drink more iced green tea
  • Take my vitamins
  • Shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning
  • Every meal needs to have a fruit or veg in it
  • When at the office (Wednesday and Thursday), don’t buy junk!

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  1. good intro in CX mag awhich led me to this site. i will be checking back. good luck this season.

    • Thanks! I'm glad you liked the intro, and I hope you stay in touch!

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