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Get The Limited Edition Shred Girls Cycling Cap Now!

March 4, 2018

Get The Limited Edition Shred Girls Cycling Cap Now!

You guys know how much work I’ve been doing getting the Shred Girls series written and launched—and I’ve been so freaking excited by how many women have come on board as huge advocates of the concept driving it: get more girls out shredding on bikes. So, with that in mind, I am so stoked to share the first in what I hope will become a sort of ‘artist series’ around the Shred Girls, starting with Rune Creative’s Pip Claffey and her amazing cycling cap design inspired by the Shred Girls!

Pre-orders open now for Literally the Coolest Cycling Caps EVER. And there are only 100 being shipped in April, so get in on it fast! I was so excited when Pip Claffey, a UK-based illustrator, emailed me a few months ago with an idea. She had read about the Shred Girls and she was super excited to see cycling being brought into mainstream and pushed to younger girls, and she had some big ideas. As an illustrator, print maker, and self-confessed bike obsessive, she was inspired by the concept of Shred Girls and wanted to do her own spin on it, and she suggested that we collaborate on something.

A quick look at her current cap designs had me convinced that she and I could make something crazy cool together, so she got to work designing the coolest cap imaginable. I’m so excited to finally share it with everyone. I wanted something fun that could appeal to a lot of different types of cyclists, so we went with a gray background and some super fun and bright graphics overlaid, with the overarching message to Ride Bike, and Get Rad. (YES!)

As someone who owns a lot of different cycling kits in a bunch of colors and styles, and after running it past a few Shred Girl besties of my own (thanks, Ellen & Kate!), I knew this was the perfect final design. I am obsessed!

Check it out, and consider grabbing one for yourself or for the Shred Girl in your life! (Scroll down for the cap buying info. You can buy just the cap, or you can get the cap + tshirt combo, which saves you $$ if you haven’t already stocked up on the comfiest, coolest tshirt around!)



Buy the Cap

Buy the Cap & T-shirt Combo

Not showing up on your screen? The cap is available here, and the cap and tshirt combo can be found here.


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