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Gear Review: Outdoor Research Women’s Soleil Pullover

December 5, 2013

Gear Review: Outdoor Research Women’s Soleil Pullover

0I have a confession: I’ve never owned a fleece before. They’ve always been sort of the epitome of un-stylish. And since they really aren’t cycling gear, they don’t have much place in my wardrobe. That is, until this year when I was in an unheated farmhouse for good chunks of time during the day drinking cup after cup of tea in an attempt to stay warm. “A fleece would be great,” I grudgingly thought. And then, like an answer to my prayers, the Soleil Pullover arrived from Outdoor Research. The same color as the windbreaker I just tried from Outdoor Research, the fleece was quickly added to my rotation of tops for running, climbing and staying cozy while working in seriously chilly temperatures.

90985_759_1The description boasts that the Soleil is “Super packable, lightweight, quick to dry and warm.” I have to agree: it’s been with me this past month, from Massachusetts to Canada to New Jersey and back to Massachusetts again. The best part is that even when it goes through a wash cycle in the machine, the spin cycle has it almost completely dry by the time it’s done. Great when you’re in a rush!

It’s also been fantastic under the Enchainment windbreaker: just enough to turn that jacket from being good for warm windy days to being great at all but the coldest temps.

Compared to, say, a fleece from Walmart, it’s a little pricey at $75. But similar versions from the big outdoor brands—think Patagonia—are almost double the price, so it’s definitely not a dealbreaker. And if you’re more into full zips and hoods, there is a hoodie version available as well.

After almost two months of hard use and travel, this one has lasted through a lot… About to take it on a run/hike up Mount Tom, just to give it some altitude testing!

For more reviews of some seriously rad adventure gear, follow the hashtag #ORInsightLab for a group of some of the most badass, driven people I’ve ever seen!

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