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Fuel Your Ride is Available for Pre-Order!

November 2, 2015

Fuel Your Ride is Available for Pre-Order!


Guys, I am SO excited to announce my new book, due out March 22, 2016. It’s called Fuel Your Ride: Complete Performance Nutrition for Cyclists. I collaborated with an amazing woman, Nanci Guest (MSc, RD and PhD Candidate) as my primary expert for the book, but it took a year of in-depth interviews with other pro nutritionists, coaches and dietitians, as well as a ton of pro cyclists to learn their secrets. It’s available for pre-order now!

Fuel Your Ride, a comprehensive guide to performance nutrition for cyclists, pushes the fun without losing the science. With simple omnivorous recipes, the book includes meal plans for a wide range of dietary needs that are easy to make-perfect for any cyclist training from 5 to 40 hours a week. Recipes include gluten-free pancakes (with just 3 ingredients), guacamole, veggie burgers, chocolate-cherry cookies, and no-cook peanut butter balls. The book also covers hydration, supplements, gut health, and weight loss-everything a cyclist needs to know to reach peak performance.

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