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From the Bicycling Mag Files: Yoga for Dudes

March 16, 2016

From the Bicycling Mag Files: Yoga for Dudes


I’ve written a bunch about yoga for cyclists over at Bicycling magazine (like my interview and quick yoga routine with the amazing Tara Stiles). But I was super excited to get assigned a new take on yoga: finding a guy yoga instructor who could help make yoga more accessible to male cyclists. Yoga for Dudes, if you will.

Luckily, I’m staying right by Ventura, CA, at the moment and the heated yoga studio there, Jai Rhythm, has a super-rad instructor, Colin Brightfield. He’s a former rugby player so he totally gets the whole ‘yoga is for girls’ sentiment that I think a lot of guys have, but he works around it. The result is jam-packed classes that are definitely yoga and 100% zen, but accessible for everyone, from yogis to newbs.

We sat down after class to talk about how to practice yoga as a cyclist, and he showed me some easy (and slightly more advanced) moves that are great for anyone—but that hopefully, a few more guys will be willing to try!

Read the article and check out his poses here.

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