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From the Bicycling Mag Files: #SquadGoals

February 24, 2016

From the Bicycling Mag Files: #SquadGoals

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One of the more fun pieces I’ve written lately got me seriously inspired. The Deadly Nightshades are this badass girl bike gang from Toronto that combine a love of art and design, a baller fashion sense, and a passion for cycling into a sweet crew that I desperately want to be part of. Seriously, my last question in the interview was “can we hang out?” and I really, really meant it.

Cycling is a hard sport to combine any kind of fashion sense into—something I’ve struggled with a lot recently—when spandex is your main material you wear, looking cool (and fashionable, not just sporty) can be a challenge. But these ladies are pretty much awesome all of the time, on and off bike.

Read the interview here, and know that my summer goals include trying to hang out with these rad ladies, since I’m almost-Canadian at this point!

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