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Five Things Friday—We’re Bike Racing Now

March 21, 2014

Five Things Friday—We’re Bike Racing Now

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This poor post has been taking a backseat for the past week while I worked to get Saddle, Sore out, but we’re back!

The MTB Season Opener

We left the beach in Oxnard for the 909 in SoCal for the first MTB races of the season. I was a spectator and pit crew for Peter and Karlee, and had a blast just watching the racing action and playing with my camera (and getting some off-season cyclocross interviews, of course!)

Peter working toward 5th in Pro Men Super D.
Peter working toward 5th in Pro Men Super D.

We’re heading to Fontana this weekend, so more racing action, and my own Xterra season starts next weekend so I won’t be just a spectator for much longer!


Saddle, Sore: The Book

is available here, and I am super stoked. Not convinced it’s worth the read? You can download a sample chapter here as well!

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3Moots has a coffee mug

and I love it. (You can buy it here for $13, which is a total steal—it’s a really, really nice mug!)


4Paris to Ancaster

Plans have been made to head back East, finally. Not for another month, since I am refusing to come home before it stops snowing, but we will be home for this race. I’m psyched because it gives me a chance to see some of my favorite people, Justin Lindine and Christine Vardaros included. It should be a blast, and a nice reason to drive back across the country after Sea Otter, with an extremely, extremely full truck. If you’re anywhere in the New England/Ontario region, you should check the race out, they have a pretty cool setup, and I’m psyched to head there to work on a story.

5Batman, The Animated Series (Seriously)

I was going to get rid of my Amazon Prime membership before my free month was up. Then, I realized that every season of what is my second favorite cartoon of all time (yes, it was a tough call, and Darkwing Duck is still number one. Don’t judge.) is available on here. I talked recently about how much I like the Kindle Fire HD, and now this is one more reason that I really, really like it. Now I just need a few hours to watch it. Probably next week while I’m up til 3am with pre-race nerves before Xterra Real at Fulsom Lake…
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