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Five Things Friday—This Is Race Season

April 4, 2014

Five Things Friday—This Is Race Season

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1Hot Yoga

I found the yoga class of my dreams. I’ll write more about this place later, but I’ve been there every day in the past 2 weeks that wasn’t a race day or pre-race day. It’s Vibe Yoga in Redwood City, and I cannot recommend it enough. Every instructor has just been amazing, and it’s been a blast checking out all of the different Hot Power Yoga classes and styles of teaching. I even managed to get into Crow (and stay in it!), which is a new one for me. It’s been a great way to get myself stretched out and to get more core work into my routine, now that I have a month between races.


Saddle, Sore: The Book

OK, this is a repeat, but if you missed it…Saddle, Sore is available here, and I am super stoked. Not convinced it’s worth the read? You can download a sample chapter here as well!

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3Menswear-Inspired Accessories

15144816_201401311220I bought a fedora last week, because frankly, my hair is at an awkward stage. I followed it up with a much more practical (and on sale for next-to-nothing) canvas messenger bag to carry my stuff at Sea Otter, and some aviator sunglasses, just because. I realized that, all together, it makes for a pretty masculine looking pile of stuff, but you know what? I kinda love it! Summer is always fun for me (OK, Spring. But summer is coming!) because I am lazy as hell, and wearing a dress is easier than a shirt and pants. In the Winter, it’s all about layers so that just isn’t a thing. But now, I can wear my dress, and give it some edge with my new favorite accessories (or just wear them with jeans and a plain tshirt. Equally awesome.)

Yeah. I’m stoked with my mini-shopping spree.


4Xterra Season has Started

I raced an Xterra. The swim went amazingly terrible, but the rest was awesome, in some true New England conditions. I’ll write up the full race report later, but suffice to say that I officially have the racing bug back! I was a little worried that I enjoyed spectating the last few weeks a bit too much, but the competitive drive is back and better than ever.

Can you tell I am freezing? (and note the sideways rain)
Can you tell I am freezing? (and note the sideways rain)

5See you at Sea Otter?

We head to Monterey on Monday to start getting ready for Sea Otter next week. If you’re going to be around the show, drop me a line at mollyhurford [at] yahoo.com, or just look for the short girl with short hair and tattoos, that’ll be me!

Last thing, a public service announcement. Check out this great project and cause (and chance to win a sweet bike)!
Mo Bruno Roy to Host Seven Raffle to Support the Amy D Foundation

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