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Five Things Friday—There are Kittens at the End

May 2, 2014

Five Things Friday—There are Kittens at the End

love copyParis to Ancaster is coming up, as are some pretty big changes. It’s a pretty awesome time. And also, there are kitten. So we’ll jump right into it. Scroll down if you want to skip to the kittens.

1Myth of Creativity

This article on LifeHacker was actually the kick in the butt I needed this week. It talks a lot about how the myth for creative workers is that we just create when our creative juices are flowing, so to speak. But obviously for those of us who make a living doing this kind of thing, we kind of need to get over that. The tips are pretty simple, things like blocking out time, starting more habits/routines, and honestly, just getting down to business and starting versus thinking about starting. And it’s true, I often find that when I sit down and just get moving, even if I’m totally unmotivated, I’m capable of creating something (even if I need to do a lot of editing later) and that just the act of writing gets my creativity flowing again. Read the article here.

2SaddleSoreWomen.com is Growing!

We’re adding new features to the website, including more and more Reader Questions and Gear Reviews, so keep checking back for new info!

If you’re a hold-out for print, we’ve got it covered. We’re going to print soon, so pre-order your copy now! (Ditto if you’re a bike shop owner or a coach with a lot of female clients!)

3A Dance-able LBD

I’m a lazy dresser, and I love a good pair of tights or yoga pants. In the summer, I live in dresses, not because they’re cute, but because they’re easy. The only problem is a) they’re rarely sweat-proof and b) lack of pockets. Enter this new company, Wick, that’s aiming to create dresses made from fabrics similar to yoga pants, with built in bras and pockets. Doesn’t sound like they’d be particularly stylish, but actually, the few style that they have in the lookbook are wicked cute. I’m pretty psyched for when they finally launch—we’ve been taking the occasional salsa dancing lessons, and this would be pretty perfect! Check them out here.


I have a few yoga goals, after taking a couple weeks to focus on yoga (to see what I learned about getting the most from a public practice check out last week’s post here!). Anyway, one of the main ones was to figure out how to do headstands. For some reason, I just could not figure out the basic concept. So, I set aside a few minutes every day just to play around with it, and while I can’t explain what happened, it just sort of clicked a few days ago. I’m not terribly good at it (yet) but it’s getting there!


5Sartorial Musings

Refinery 29 did this great piece on how catalogs have gone from being basic picture of product-price-ordering info and have turned into full-on Look Books. The best case in point? The evolution of J Crew’s catalog, and The Gap’s email listserv. Rather than show the products separately, they’ve started showing them together, fully accessorized, and have created lifestyle brands instead of clothing brands. For the cycling example, most of you will understand what I mean when I point to Rapha. Instead of showcasing just the clothing, they make you want to be one of the riders in the photoshoots, and you do that by buying the clothes. Smart, and a major shift in how clothing is presented.

“As The Wall Street Journal reports, brands now see catalogs as bait, not as shopping tools themselves. That’s why the ones you see in your mailbox have gotten skimpier — they’re not meant to be a clearinghouse featuring every product for sale, just those super-special bejeweled baseball caps or limited-edition Nikes that’ll drive you to the website to shop… And, the strategy is paying off. J.Crew’s catalogs — ahem, Style Guides, as the brand calls them — have reached a level of beauty and editorial cohesion that have made them cult collectibles. They’ve also been instrumental in attracting a more high-fashion audience — and in changing the way mainstream mall shoppers dress.”

Read the article here.

And because this is the Internet so I know what you all want to see (kittens are not the photographer’s own):

10299855_1395268674088477_356183765_nHappy Friday!

REMINDER: Saddle, Sore is available here, and I am super stoked. Not convinced it’s worth the read? You can download a sample chapter here as well!

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