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Five Things Friday—Photos of Bikes, But Also A Little Girly…

March 7, 2014

Five Things Friday—Photos of Bikes, But Also A Little Girly…

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Interviewing Awesome Racers… About Jay-Z

For example, this interview I just did with Jeremy Powers talking about his new team plans, BTBtv, and the off-season.

I also asked this:

Me: You’ve gone from rider to cyclocross mogul, like the Jay-Z of cyclocross!

Jeremy Powers: I would not go that far. I definitely wouldn’t go that far! But I love Jay-Z. Sometimes I’ll listen to a Jay-Z interview for fun. But I wouldn’t say that. I just love the sport. It needs a lot of attention from a lot of good people with a lot of like minds. It can be really great, and it can be really brutal. Cyclocross is such a niche sport that the people who are talking are being heard, and that’s what’s different from road racing. Someone on a division 3 team in the US in the road, that takes a while to get to USAC. But in cyclocross, someone says anything and it gets out there pretty fast. So I wouldn’t say mogul, I’m just doing my best and as much as I can to get it out there and keep it fresh.


Saddle, Sore: The Website

…is up and running! It’s not just a place to get info on the new book (coming out next week, eek!). I’m also using it to publish a lot of bonus content—more questions, how-to’s, interviews, videos, and even a forum for you, so keep an eye on it! To say I’m psyched on this book and project is an understatement.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 4.44.39 PM

3Lip Stain

One of my favorite things lately has been adding a little more makeup into my daily routine—I don’t wear it every single day or anything, and my routine is still under a minute, but I have been enjoying revisiting wearing it. Back in high school, I was super into goth makeup, and while I’m not going back to that, I have been having fun!


Nothing too fancy, and my staples are still a good BB Cream (I like Maybelline’s— it’s a tinted moisturizer with SPF, so it’s great for wearing all day, even while training!) and waterproof (of course) mascara (I’ve been into the Extra Black version of Maybelline’s waterproof Volum’ Express One by One), but some days I like keeping it even easier, and that’s where a good lip stain comes in.

I’ve been using Covergirl’s Outlast Lip Stain, which is super easy and stays on for ages, but lately I’ve been also testing out Maybelline’s Superstay 24 Hour Color,  which has a stain side and then on the flip side, a clear coat. Both have been great for almost full days worth of wear, which is pretty important since I tend towards a lazy makeup strategy. As for color, I go with a fairly basic red, red, red in both—why bother with light color when you’re taking the time to put on lip stain?

4Photo Practice

Went out with the boys and their mountain bikes to Grant Park in Ventura this afternoon to do a little photo practice to keep me from getting rusty in the off-season, and to do a little bit for the Canadian MTBer piece I’m working on for Dirt Rag. It was a blast—so many good berms and small jumps!


5This Article

Manual for Speed (a Castelli project) did this hilarious and well-written story and photo shoot with Alex Howe of Garmin-Sharpe on ways to improve in your off-season. He took “chamois time is training time” to heart, and the photos are fantastic and hilarious. The best part is that while it’s a fairly humorous piece, in a really dry way, it’s actually got a lot of good content about various ways to train in the off-season.

To give you a taste:

An illustrated guide to Cross-Training with Alex Howes.

Cross-Training refers to an athlete practicing and/or engaging in various sports, practices, ideologies, methodologies and exercises (be they physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual or conceptual) other than the one the athlete competes in professionally—with the goal of improving overall performance in the sport they do compete in professionally. Cross-Training takes advantage of a particular training method/technique/modality’s effectiveness, while simultaneously negating it’s shortcomings by combining it with complementary methods/techniques/modalities.

Read it here.

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