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Five Things Friday: Happy, And Four Causational Features Thereof

February 21, 2014

Five Things Friday: Happy, And Four Causational Features Thereof

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Rhythm Yoga

I’m not so awesome with yoga. Fitness yoga is a little too fitness-y for the days I decide I need to step back, slow down and recover, but I have no patience at Hatha yoga or Yin yoga classes. It’s something I need to work on, but in the meantime, there’s this rad studio I found in downtown Ventura that finally provided me with a middle ground. Jai Rhythm Yoga offers “heated flow Vinyasa yoga” and the instructor I had today did not take any crap. She was definitely the most “tough love” yoga instructor I’ve ever come up against, but that’s sort of what I need. She decided when I needed a block (my hamstrings were screaming!) and you know what? It helped, a lot. Sometimes I have a hard time admitting I can’t do certain poses, but she just didn’t give me the option. The class was a brisk pace, with some serious recovery and stretching at the end, so I left feeling like I’d had a good strength workout combined with a good recovery stretching session. Psyched.


0e0afe149a4611e3a6c812b4d37167a9_6No-Cook, Serve-Cold Oatmeal

Recipe coming soon, but this has been my go-to lately. Make a big batch of this awesome oatmeal, then it stays good in the fridge for a few days. I’ve been doing more protein-heavy breakfasts, but it’s perfect for post-ride or for a quick snack!


The best things in life are free. And the best, best thing is the beach. Specifically, the sunset. (Photo taken with no filter.)


4Wedge Sandals

26_GUAVA-PLU_GUAVA-PLU223_6I was bummed when my car window was broken and my wallet, iPad and Peter’s laptop were stolen. But I was arguably equally upset that the people who broke in stole my favorite tote bag and wedge sandals. It took a lot of searching but I finally found a pair that I like *almost* as much. The Guava wedges from Aerosoles are comfortable and, unlike every other pair I’ve found in stores this year, aren’t insanely high—just under 4 inches. I like height but shoes are getting ridiculous!

5This Song

Pharrell Williams is an amazing producer, but I didn’t find out anything about him until Peter put on his 24 Hours of Happy video during a trainer ride. Awesome song, really cool project: they filmed 24 hours worth of other people dancing and singing along to the song (the huge biker guy with a massive beard in one of them is my personal favorite), and for 24 hours worth of video, you can watch it all. Don’t want to commit? Check out the official music video, which is the “best of.”

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