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Five Things Friday—Full Throttle

May 16, 2014

Five Things Friday—Full Throttle

love copyAfter five months on the road, I’m finally home for a couple of weeks. It still feels like home, but not having company while working (even quiet company) has been an adjustment this week. But I did get to spend time with some brilliant, creative people, and am feeling particularly inspired.

1Clean Slate Project

Speaking of being home, I just came across this rad article titled “Has a “Clean Slate” Ever Led to a Major Habit Change for You?” andit was particularly funny after just landing at home. The basic premise is that it’s easy to pick up new habits when the slate is metaphorically wiped clean—i.e we have a death in the family, a breakup, or a move. The last one cracked me up because I have that on a disturbingly regular basis. Because I always move around, it’s both easy to fall into new habits and to revert to old ones for comfort. I’ve been trying to embrace the idea of using moving from spot to spot as a great way to increase my good habit-forming, though, and this article reminded me how lucky I am that I can do that on a regular basis.


2Everyone is Talking about Lady Parts

I did a really fun talk in Toronto for Saddle, Sore to a rad group of women a couple weeks ago (and am doing a few more—message me if you’re interested in having one near you!) and the print version of the book will be out soon.

And possibly more exciting (OK, not really for me. But still cool!), I ran across an article in Women’s Health mag titled: “Q&A: Is It OK to Go Commando While Working Out?

Now, admittedly, this is talking about working out in the gym, and suggests keeping underwear on as an added barrier on sweaty, gross equipment, which is exactly what you SHOULD NOT DO in bike shorts. But the point is—people are finally starting to talk about this stuff. And that’s awesome.

3VooDoo Floss is a Thing

I’ll be writing more about my ridiculous injury and subsequent rehabilitation in greater detail eventually, but for now I’ll say I’m a complete convert to VooDoo Floss for recovery from injury. I smacked the heck out of my knee and it swelled up to the point that I thought I broke something. Couldn’t put weight on it, crying like a baby, etc.

Thankfully, Peter trained for this and by 24 hours after (when I was only whimpering instead of crying), he had taped my knee up with kin tape, and was doing crazy VooDoo wrapping on it:

photo 3

It’s basically just super intense compression. He had it wrapped pretty tight, and then had me walk around, flex my knee, do some whacky lunges—basically, just get it moving. Taking the band off, the swelling had gone down noticeably. We did it twice, and within 2.5 days of getting hurt, while my knee was still tender, the swelling was almost completely gone. I’ve been reading a lot about how ice may not be as good for injury as scientists once believed, and I have to say, compared to icing other injuries, this was a lot more efficient. I’ll definitely be using it if/when I get hurt again!

4Full Throttle After Dark

After mocking the title a bit (I didn’t write it!), I ended up spending a lot of time re-reading this interview that I did with Ben Bostrom back in September. It’s in the latest issue of Dirt Rag (and I’m one of the contributor bios, woohoo!) and it turned out better than I remember—and I remember it as being one of my favorite pieces to write. Super stoked, and if you’re not a subscriber, I highly recommend picking up a copy soon!

photo 3

And there’s this, which makes me admittedly a lot more excited than it probably should:

photo 1

5I’m Home!

Really. I just want to take a second and be incredibly grateful that when I am home in New Jersey, it’s actually wonderful. I miss California, I miss Canada, I miss a lot of people… but really, this just makes me happy.

photo 2

And the trails around here have improved since a Boy Scout took trail maintenance at Round Valley on as his Eagle Scout project, so now we have 10 amazing miles of ridiculously rocky and rooty singletrack, with almost no flat sections. It is both amazingly awesome and amazingly exhausting. Love it.

photo 1

Happy Friday!

REMINDER: Saddle, Sore is available here, and I am super stoked. Not convinced it’s worth the read? You can download a sample chapter here as well!

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