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Five Things Friday—Does the Easter Bunny Stop in Canada?

April 17, 2014

Five Things Friday—Does the Easter Bunny Stop in Canada?

love copyI’m back in Canada for a few weeks after tons of warm weather fun, racing and training in California. Sea Otter was a blast last week and I’m still digging out from under the massive pile of stuff I have to go through from it. But as always, it was well worth the stay—especially since we had a rad host house at a farm right by Laguna Seca!

1Meditation… Apps?

Outside Magazine just posted this article about meditation apps, and while that sounds super counter-intuitive, I’m someone who needs props to do something like remember to meditate. So I’m going to give it a shot. I’ll let you know how it goes.

And yes, I realize this blog is getting increasingly zen-focus, with today’s other post on Vibe Yoga and lessons I’ve learned, and I have an upcoming one with trials rider and yoga instructor Ryan Leech. So bear with me!


2Girl, Bike, Love

For those of you who haven’t been to Girl, Bike, Love’s site before, go right now.

Back? OK, now go back to the site but this time look at this awesome interview that the wonderful Clara Beard did with me a couple weeks ago about Saddle, Sore. I’m so rarely on this side of interviews that it’s always exciting, and talking about one of my favorite topics—lady parts and bike riding—is always a good time. I think we ended up on the phone just chatting for an extra half hour!

3Charity Miles

It’s kind of awesome to be able to do some good while I do my training, so I downloaded the Charity Miles app and I’ve been running with that. It’s great, it records runs and then for each mile run, the organization donates money to charity. Public service + an excuse to run that extra mile? Not too shabby! (For more on running, check out my most recent minimalist trail run shoe review… and stay tuned for a cyclocross-ers intro to running, coming soon!)

4Courtship, 19th Century-Style

I ran across this post about the 25 stages of courtship, and it is my new favorite thing. Hilarious primarily because of the 25 stages, only 7 involve actual dating, outside of that, it’s all about post-proposal. Yikes…


5This Face.

I love a rider—especially a seasoned pro like Cancellara—looking this psyched to win anything. (Photo via nieuwsblad.be)


REMINDER: Saddle, Sore is available here, and I am super stoked. Not convinced it’s worth the read? You can download a sample chapter here as well!

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