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Five Things Friday – Bikes, Food, Reading, Fashion and Life in General

February 7, 2014

Five Things Friday – Bikes, Food, Reading, Fashion and Life in General

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Knowing How to Fix a Flat

Learning to fix a flat, the utterly basic way. I’m working on my new project, Saddle, Sore, and in doing so, I realized that not only do beginner women (and expert women!) have questions pertaining to women-specific anatomy issues, to put it delicately, they also have questions about basic bike repair that they maybe feel uncomfortable asking for help on.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.15.00 AMSo I decided that in conjunction with the book (available at the end of the month!), I’ll be doing a mini-series of videos designed to help women (and men!) learn a little more about basic bike “stuff.” We might even get crazy and do some interviews with the wonderful experts who helped me write the book in the first place!

But for now, check out the first video, An Utterly Basic Guide to Fixing a Flat.


Cyclocross Worlds in Review

I know Worlds was last weekend. And it was exhausting (see picture, right. That’s me at 2AM working on the U23 race).

865311008b4a11e3838512aaa8e0901e_6But if you haven’t already read our reports, and even if you don’t follow cyclocross, take a few minutes to read Robbie Carver’s amazing write-up of the men’s race, where he compares Nys and Stybar’s battle at the front to a boxing match. It is just some beautiful writing. And then, for some awesome quotes from Nys, check out my write-up here—my personal favorite is, “I’m second place but I don’t think I’m a loser today. I’m also a winner, that’s what I take with me the rest of the season.” There’s also this interview with Stybar, and then one with one of my favorite racers to talk to, Zach McDonald, on his rough 2013/14 season.

3Trader Joe’s Very Green Powder

I am a total nutritional wannabe. I go through healthy phases on a regular basis before slipping into bad habits. But the one good habit I consistently return to is drinking Trader Joe’s Very Green Powder in the morning. It’s one of my favorites for two main reasons. First of all, the ingredient list: alfalfa leaf, barley grass, peas (fiber), wheat grass, spirulina, spinach, green tea leaf, broccoli, blue green algae, and chlorella. Second, and almost more important: I mix it with a ton of water because I don’t love the taste. That means that in the morning, the first thing I’m doing is drinking about 24 ounces of water. Not a bad way to start the day—especially because without the powder, I probably wouldn’t bother to drink that much.

Speaking of new favorite foods, I’ll get in to my newest oatmeal recipe (kind of co-opted from the amazing cold porridge I had at Pedaler’s Fork) next week!

4Treat Yo’ Self

9396915e8c4c11e3b3410efbf0157e9c_6After Worlds, I was pretty wrecked, emotional, mentally and physically. It was a long weekend.

I figured it was time to take a cue from my favorite clip from Parks and Rec and treat myself. So when I went to the Farmer’s Market for fruits and veggies, I got myself flowers. And having them on the table all week has definitely been a really nice thing. For $5, it totally changed my mental outlook, and made me feel a lot happier. So, my reminder for the week is to do something nice for yourself, every once in a while.

Just because.

5Objectifying Men (Just this once)

And finally, because it’s Friday, I’m feeling punchy, and let’s face it, no one can disagree that David Beckham is dreamy, there was this SuperBowl ad:

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