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First Cyclocross Weekend in the Books: Coverage, Photos and Interviews

September 11, 2013

First Cyclocross Weekend in the Books: Coverage, Photos and Interviews

nittany-uci-2013-day-1-8I can’t believe that the ’cross season has started (both work-wise–see below–and leg-wise–coming soon!) but so far, I’ve been having a blast. Nittany was this weekend and since it’s my home race, that means my house is teaming with cyclists.

Gabby Day and I had a lovely weekend together, spending Friday having some girl- and training-time, which was much needed. Sometimes it’s nice to just check out of being a reporter and check in to being a normal person/racer, and hosting people for the weekend helped me do that! We had a full house with Gabby and five other racers, and I couldn’t have been happier.

As for coverage I did this weekend, well, it’s still coming but for now, there’s always the Day 1 and Day 2 reports (with galleries), but the more fun pieces are starting to trickle out now, with an interview (written and video) of Justin Lindine that we did right before he headed home to NY, and an editorial I wrote about the race, which is a new feature we’ll be doing weekly this season on the CXM website. Interviews with Todd Wells, Arley Kemmerer, Laura Van Gilder and Ryan Knapp coming soon, along with a look at Arley’s bike.

Stay tuned for a report from my races this weekend!

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