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As you might notice, I’m starting to learn that active fashion rarely comes from the bargain racks… But if you’re spending a ton of time on the road, you have to invest in pieces that are easy to clean, can hold their stretch and shape when air dried, and don’t get disgusting when sweaty. Oh, and that look great!

A cool cycling cap: I’m not listing any brand because I admit, I have quite a few awesome ones that I rotate between. I feel like, more than a baseball cap, a cycling cap is a great post-run or post-ride fashion statement.

Lululemon Run Speed Short: When people come up to you on the road and tell you how flattering your running shorts are, yet you’re still comfortable and crushing the run, then you know that you’re wearing the right shorts. That was the case with these, and bonus, they have a waterproof zip pocket in the back for cash, keys, whatever.

Lululemon Align Pant II: They might be pricey, but man, they make your butt look good, they’re comfortable, and they last forever. Since I don’t want to pack 4 pairs of leggings that will get stretched out and need to be washed after one wear, I am OK with the $98 pricetag. (PS I’ve started adding Lululemon’s Namaste Put Thong II to my underwear collection as old pair wear out and they are amazing.)

Chrome Pasha Hoodie: If I ever find this again, I’m buying 10. The best, comfiest, easiest for style-while-wearing-a-hoodie you can get. Similar here.

Rapha Merino Baselayer: This is the only baselayer that I’ve ever owned that I sometimes avoid warming up for a race in because I want it to not be sweaty so I can wear it post-race with jeans! From a fashion standpoint, it is super flattering and comfortable. From a technical standpoint, it doesn’t get gross after a long run. Note: I wear the men’s version in extra-small, I find it’s a bit more comfortable than the women’s in the long-sleeve iteration. For sleeveless, the women’s is fantastic.

Rapha Women’s Gilet: Windproof lightweight and packable are the terms Rapha uses to describe their women’s wind vest, and they were right. It’s also wicked stylish, and super practical. I’ve been pretty much living in it as the weather has been turning, and it’s been perfect on rides. Unlike a lot of wind vests, it has two pockets so you can fit normal stuff in them, and don’t always need a jersey underneath (see the picture with that and my favorite baselayer!) It’s not cheap but for something that will last a long time and look much more refined than most cycling gear, it’s well worth it.

Assos arm and leg warmers: I recently did a review of Assos’s arm and leg warmers for Cyclocross Magazine, and while I know the prices at Assos are a bit steep, when it comes to leg warmers, I’m willing to pay for good quality and good fit. I get cut by most legwarmers, but these are wicked comfortable and fit like a glove. Since bringing shorts and tights on a trip takes up a lot of space, I’d rather bring two or three pairs of shorts and these legwarmers so I’m ready for every temperature and won’t have to deal with as much laundry.

See the rest of my favorite things for living life on the road and staying reasonably pulled together.

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