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My Fall Athletic Clothing + Gear Wishlist

September 10, 2018

My Fall Athletic Clothing + Gear Wishlist

Because I’m gear-obsessed and because who doesn’t love the start of fall (except summer people who don’t understand cyclocross or cross country, obviously), I wanted to kick off what I plan on doing as a seasonal piece on here: A clothing and gear wishlist for the season. Some of these pieces, I will end up buying, and others, I admit I’m just loving the style. It’s definitely a mix—and on that note, I also tried to mix up some high-end gear with some less pricey pieces, since honestly, that’s much more likely to be the gear that I’m buying… But that said, I am a huge fan of buying quality gear that can last through a few years, not just a single season. So, with ALL of that said, what am I stoked on for fall?

There’s a heavy cross-country and trail running component running through this list, since that’s my focus for this fall between coaching XC, maybe a bit of racing, and a 50 mile trail run coming up. And any of these pieces that I do end up getting, I will definitely be reviewing throughout the season!

Prana Cozy Up Sweatshirt

This one is straight out of my back-to-school shopping list as a teenager: the perfect sweatshirt. The least technical but the most fall-friendly thing on this list: I LOVE the colors Prana has for their new Cozy Up sweatshirt. The rusty (‘burnt caramel’) is my favorite but there’s also a wine-colored one I love. Something about reds and burnt oranges in the fall is just so. good. — This would definitely be my go-to top for going to the gym to teach my monday yoga classes at Active Life in town, or wearing with leggings to go to one of the XC track meets. Kind of my optimal combination of athletic with a side of fashion. (And obviously, a black leather jacket on top for chillier days, to keep up my #HealthGoth vibes.)

Get it here

On Running Pants

Now that I’m coaching cross country at the local high school, I’m even more stoked on these pants. They’re apparently fantastic for actually running, but they also look fly as hell. I’m hoping to get a pair since I anticipate a lot of chillier days with the team, and I do a good split of running hard / running super easy with the new kids / just standing and working them through drills, so having a pair of pants that works for all of that and keeps me cozy is awesome. The mesh knees are just A++++.

Get it here

On Running Cloudventure Peak Sneakers

Mountain runner Julian Carr introduced me to this brand and I am currently obsessed. He tells me that the Cloudventure Peak sneakers are THE shoe for mountain running, and I love the minimalist look that they have. I grilled him on these shoes, and they sound like they fit every single requirement that I have in a sneaker—and while I prefer black sneakers, this color is admittedly fall-friendly. I’m still searching for the holy grail of trail shoes since my last set of Altras has essentially fallen apart after under 8 weeks of running. (Super comfy shoes and worked great, but I can’t have a shoe that needs replacing every 6 weeks and costs close to $200. I’m not made of $$$, and that seems super wasteful.)

Get it here

Oiselle High Five Tank

No reason other than I love this design and the colors. I’m always on the lookout for good running tanks like this, since I’m starting to shift away (slightly) from my old cut-sleeves-off-tshirt approach since that’s not exactly sweat-friendly. I’ll still do the cutoff tshirt for a yoga or gym class but for serious running, I prefer technical fabric at this point, and this tank is a good compromise between a fun, funky design plus something that’s actually runner-friendly. And for fall, cream + black with a hint of red = so good.

Get it here

Under Armour HeatGear® Armour Shorty

I used to train in this type of short all the time in my earliest triathlon days and got out of the habit. I don’t plan to train in this type of short often, but the idea of racing in something so streamlined is starting to appeal to me again. For me, shifting from these to more typical running shorts was also a lack-of-confidence thing, and I want to move past that and feel freaking fast!

Get it here

Shred Girls Beanie

OK, yes, I already own this one, and yes, proceeds directly benefit the Shred-Girls.com website, but I wanted to put it on here because frankly, it’s one of the best beanies I’ve had and I’m obsessed with it. Planning to wear it everywhere/with everything this year, now that I finally got it in black. (I’d originally gotten it in red hoping for maroon, but it was BRIGHT freaking red, which is not my style. At all. So finally got a black version and life is good.) Plus, if you grab one of these beanies, the $$ goes directly towards keeping the Shred Girls site rolling and producing more content to get young girls on bikes.

Get it here

Under Armour Fly-By Team

I have these shorts already in a couple of colors but I love this maroon red for fall. It feels like running XC for Hogwarts! I raced the Killington UA Mountain Run in these in gray and they held up awesome. I love that they feel very high school XC, very airy and breathable and just LIGHT. Normally, I’m a Lululemon Speed Short girl, but the more I’ve gotten serious about racing vs just running, the more I’m coming to appreciate really light materials and a more classic runner style.

Get it here

Innov8 All Terrain Pro Vest

Of everything on here, this is the first thing I’m planning on buying—as soon as I’m in NYC and can get to a store where they sell it (fingers crossed) because I refuse to order something as personal as a run pack online since fit is so key. But with my FKT attempt of the 50-mile loop looming in the next couple of weeks, I really want to get my hands on this pack. It’s much burlier and bigger than my current Camelbak, and I’m not 100% in love with that running vest so I’d prefer to have something that’s really trusted by ultra-runners, since this loop is going to require having plenty of food plus water filtration supplies and some emergency supplies.

Get it here



Any gear you’re craving this fall? LMK in the comments!


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