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Expert Solutions to Blisters, Black Toenails and More for Runners

January 28, 2018

Expert Solutions to Blisters, Black Toenails and More for Runners

After Ironman, my feet were freaking WRECKED. I’ll get into the gross details here, because, honestly, this is what happens when you run / train a lot. I lost both of my big toenails, my feet were so blistered that I could barely walk the next day, and frankly, everything hurt. Now, I had done a lot of long runs beforehand. I was well-trained and well-prepared. And still, wrecked feet. (Despite running in barefoot shoes and having no muscle/bone issues, I have a lot more issues with blisters and whatnot than you’d think… Actually, switching to barefoot really helped avoid a lot of those problems!)

Anyway, all training pain is article fodder to me—silver lining!—so I pitched a piece to MapMyRun about getting a podiatrist’s take on blisters, black toenails and more. The advice from Allistair is stellar: he’s reasonable about when you should actually go to a doctor, but understands that most of us are going to occasionally take matters into our own hands, so he weighs that against seeing a doctor and offers suggestions. It was super helpful for me, and while I know I’ll likely still end up with a blister or two, I have a better handle on it now!

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