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Everything You Need to Know About Biking Commuting to Work

April 12, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Biking Commuting to Work

Bicycling recently resurfaced this article I wrote about bike commuting, and it’s a good one so I figured I would give it a share as well—especially since it features a lot of my favorite people! I love the idea of bike commuting, despite working from home. (But… Does coaching endurance camps count as biking to work if biking is work?!) I’ve actually toyed with the idea of starting to fake a bike or run commute when I’m home working for longer stretches: Leave the house for a short ride or run in the morning, come back, then do the same at the end of the ‘work day’ in order to set myself up to be in full-on work mode and feel like I’ve checked into the office. As it is, Peter and I usually end our workdays around 5 or 6 with a walk before we make dinner just to reset ourselves and attempt to get out of working mode (it works about 40% of the time). BUT ANYWAY. If you are considering (or currently) bike commuting, you might want to check out these solid gold tips!

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