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Episode 100 and Our Favorite Pieces of Advice on The Consummate Athlete Podcast

February 24, 2018

Episode 100 and Our Favorite Pieces of Advice on The Consummate Athlete Podcast

We made it to 100 episodes of The Consummate Athlete Podcast! What started as a fun project for Peter and I to play with audio recording, interview technique, and editing—plus a chance to try to glean some words of wisdom and tips from athletes and experts in all different sports—became one of the most rewarding things that we’ve gotten to work on in the last couple of years. It’s crazy to think we’re already at 100 episodes, when it feels like we still have barely scratched the surface of athletic performance.

So, for the 100th episode, we decided to do a highlight reel. BTW, this was waaaaaay more time-consuming than any Q&A or interview that we’ve ever done. This took FOR FREAKING EVER. But it was worth it. We narrowed it down to 8 interviewees and some of their key pieces of advice—stuff that we thought was interesting, heartfelt, useful, and applicable in pretty much any sport. Whether you loved Katerina Nash’s approach to balance throughout her decades-long career to movement expert Katie Bowman talking about the importance of a wide range of motion every day to Brad Stuhlberg breaking down stress and recovery, there are so many amazing takeaways in each episode we highlighted, and we chose chunks from each that we thought were well worth re-sharing. So whether you’re a new listener or a veteran to the show, you won’t want to miss this one.

Want to help us celebrate the 100th episode? Leave us a rating or review in iTunes (it takes 2 seconds and we will love you forever)! And let us know if there are guests you’d love to see featured, questions you want answered, or sports you’re dying to learn about in 2018.

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