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Embrocation Cycling Journal: The Feed Zone Interview

April 11, 2012

Embrocation Cycling Journal: The Feed Zone Interview

While I was on Tim Johnson’s Ride on Washington, putting in 530 miles in 5 days in order to raise awareness for Bikes Belong, I became much more interested in cycling advocacy. But, if you’ve read this column before, you might know what a huge nerd I am when it comes to sports nutrition, so when I heard that the ride was going to be supported by the men who wrote The Feed Zone Cookbook, Allen Lim and Biju Thomas, I couldn’t have been more excited. I got the opportunity to sit down with them before breakfast the last morning of the trip and really pick their brains about nutrition and what led them to writing their now famous cookbook. Where I live in Western Massachusetts, their book has become the new bible for racers, who now pound homemade rice cakes on rides, host dinner parties featuring recipes from the cookbook, and spend hefty chunks of time talking nutrition and about the importance of eating real foods, especially bacon.

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