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Embrocation Cycling Journal: Going Long in the Off-Season

April 24, 2012

Embrocation Cycling Journal: Going Long in the Off-Season

I don’t exactly know how it happened, but after swearing off endurance events post-Ironman a couple of years back, it seems like I’ve climbed right back on that wagon. But I swear, I had nothing to do with it. Really.

It started innocently enough. I was going to Athens, Georgia, back in February to log some warm weather base miles. Nothing crazy, mainly a trip to avoid the winter doldrums that come with the off-season. But once I was there, I heard about this race, Southern Cross. Because it had “cross” in the title, I was immediately intrigued. After all, sure, it was the off-season, but I was already missing cyclocross a lot. The race was an “ultra-cross” course: 56 miles of dirt and gravel roads, with a short cyclocross course lap to start and end the race.

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  1. Molly, It was great to read your comments about Battenkill. I "raced" it for the first time this year and can totally relate to what it is like to get dropped in the first 5 miles. I think I was dropped even quicker than that. I didn't even make it to the covered bridge. Oh well, that was my first EVER bike race so I only wanted to finish. Finish I did and I will be back next year. I am also planning on becoming a noob 'cross racer this year which is how I found you. Your writing is wonderful! Btw....My wife is also a Rutgers grad. If you are interested you can read my Battenkill race report at http://wp.me/p2kE1k-17

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