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Diet Resolutions You Should Skip This New Year’s

December 29, 2018

Diet Resolutions You Should Skip This New Year’s

Over the years, I’ve made a lot of terrible food-based resolutions. I’ve made the ‘I’ll lose 5 pounds’ one probably 15 times, and done it exactly zero. I’ve done Dry January, which led to binging on chocolate because ‘I’m not drinking so I have extra calories.’ I’ve tried to use the New Year to springboard into Paleo, which also didn’t go great. But I still love a New Year’s Resolution around food that actually helps move the needle in the right direction. And to that end, over on Outside Mag, I gathered up a few awesome experts (sports psych Kristin Keim! Dietician Lori Nedescu!) to talk about their best advice for making a solid food resolution, based on a few of the resolutions that are less likely to end well. Check it out and let me know what you think/what your food resolution is this year, if you’re making one.

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