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Our Daily Routines for Athletic Success on the Consummate Athlete Podcast

March 10, 2018

Our Daily Routines for Athletic Success on the Consummate Athlete Podcast

Being an athlete who works a normal day job can be tough—so much of your success is dependent on creating (and sticking to) daily routines outside of training that can set you up for athletic optimization. In this week’s podcast episode, Peter and I got deep into how we run our day—even though we work from home or are on the road doing crazy work travel a lot of the time, most of our routines are easy to implement whether you’re living out of a van or working the traditional 9 to 5 in the office.

Admittedly, our lives are easier to regiment than most: we don’t have kids (or even pets!), and our work is flexible enough that we can tailor our peak hours for performance in terms of training and actual work (writing for me). A lot of people can’t sneak out for an 11AM run, so I fully admit to being pretty lucky there. A few of our favorite routines that we really, really dive into in this episode:

  • Morning yoga (and our past iterations of morning workout routines, including fasted state runs!)
  • Breakfast, aiming for protein, fat, greens and starchy carbs (plus coffee + apple cider vinegar, though not together)
  • Optimizing energy for work and workouts (the timing for your best mental performance isn’t necessarily the same as peak physical time!)
  • SLEEP! Why we love it and how ludicrously early we try to wind down. (That’s why it’s one of my Habits of Highly Effective Athletes)

We have a ton more in the episode, plus some of our favorite tools, tips from pros in past episodes, and ways that we’ve made ourselves actually stick to these routines. We’re definitely lucky that both of us are heavily in favor of optimizing our daily routines and we both  care about our athletic progress, but even if you’re on a solo mission to make your training go better, there’s plenty of advice in here for you!

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