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Come Ride Gravel Bikes in Girona, Spain, in March 2020 with Me + SmartAthlete Coaching!

September 17, 2019

Come Ride Gravel Bikes in Girona, Spain, in March 2020 with Me + SmartAthlete Coaching!

I’m SUPER excited to be going back to one of my favorite places in the world to ride, Girona, Spain—and we want you to come with us! My husband, longtime cycling coach with SmartAthlete, Peter and I have put together a week-long women’s training camp for March 2020 in this amazing little city and I cannot wait. Girona, Spain, is one of the premier cycling destinations in Europe, and if you’re hoping to put in some base miles this Spring, it’s the perfect place to hit gravel roads, winding mountain climbs and gorgeous roads… Plus swing into cafes for snack breaks and enjoy some of the best restaurants that Spain has to offer. This women-only camp will be adventure-packed and get you ready to crush the 2020 season!

I’m really excited because in addition to great riding and amazing food, we’re viewing this camp as less of a tour and more of a training camp—but with plenty of room for a wide range of fitness levels. The focus isn’t to do ridiculously long or hard rides, it’s to have a solid week of base miles and really dive into what a good, strong training plan looks like. Expect talk of zones and pacing, plus plenty of mobility work snuck in, chats about nutrition, how to set up your cycling computer, et cetera… Plus all the fun of touring a new cycling destination, of course! (Including some rides out to the Costa Brava coast for gorgeous views and my all-time favorite bakery. Last time I rode into town, we passed multiple-time World Champ Marianne Vos rolling in the opposite direction!)

  • Where: Girona, Spain
  • When: March 7-13 (Saturday through Friday)
  • Who: Women looking for a week of gravel and road base miles in a gorgeous location (max. 7 people, so if you’re interested, don’t wait to book!)
  • Cost: $1700 + HST (dinners and flights not included, price in CAD) *$500 deposit, balance due by January 15, 2020
  • To Book: Fill out this form


We’ll be picking you up from the Barcelona Airport and dropping you back off there, so once you land, we’ve got you!

This camp is really focusing on creating the optimal daily training environment—we will eat great food, we will have a ton of fun, but the unique part of this experience is also the fact that this isn’t just a bike tour. This is a full-on adult women’s training camp for badass women who want to improve in 2020 while having an awesome trip. We’re riding, yoga-ing, stretching, eating healthy meals, talking about all things riding and nutrition and racing related. No question is off limits!

Because of this, we decided we wanted to be in a house rather than a hotel, to maximize our training time together. The house is big with tons of space for bikes and activities like yoga—and fun group meals!


  • We’ll check out great restaurants and of course, hit a cafe or two, but the focus of the week is also about simple, healthy, easy-to-replicate meals that mirror how pro racers are eating
  • Buffet-style breakfast every day with a variety of oatmeal, cereal, eggs, fruit, smoothies, etc.
  • Ride food will be provided: Combination of pre-packaged gels but also homemade rice cakes
  • Lunch will be build-your-own-bowl with a variety of grains, proteins and veggies most days, with a couple days getting lunch on the road
  • Snacks: We’ll always be stocked with fruit, nuts and other healthy/tasty snack options for you to grab as needed
  • Dinner: Technically you’re on your own for dinner but as a group, we’ll be going to some of the best restaurants in Girona with the occasional backyard BBQ thrown in!
  • Note: We will send out a more extensive Google Form in January asking about food preferences/intolerances/allergies, so don’t worry if you’re vegetarian or gluten-free. We will be sensitive to your needs!



  • 7-8AM: Breakfast
  • 8-9AM: Ride prep / quick pre-ride mobility
  • 9AM: Quick meeting to go over day’s ride plan/schedule
  • 9AM-12PM: Ride
  • 12-4PM: Lunch / shower / nap / explore city of Girona
  • 4-5PM: Yoga / mobility
  • 6PM: Dinner (time will vary based on dinner plan)
  • GPS files for rides will be sent out before the camp, so that you can pre-load onto your cycling computer if desired
  • We’ll have one easy day mid-way through the camp



  • Bike rentals can be arranged if you’d prefer to not fly with a bike, inquire for details. A bike with capable (flat resistant) tires would be ideal to handle gravel/old-road and road riding.
  • Nervous about keeping up or need more specifics on mileage, ask us and we’ll help you decide if the trip is right for you. (please detail – longest ride duration/distance and peak 5/20/60min power in last 90days)
  • Flight planning: Flying into Barcelona International Airport (Flying overnight Friday is encouraged, to land for early Saturday AM. Also encouraged is mid-day/early evening departure. Morning departure times will require leaving Girona the night prior to the flight.)
  • Girona weather in march ranges from 18 to 4 degrees C, so pack for a range of weather!
  • 2 riders per room is ideal, ask about pricing for a single room. (We’ll be staying in a hotel in the heart of Girona)
  • Full tech guide will be sent out in mid-January with full packing lists, itinerary, etc. as well as a free training plan to help you be ready for the camp (can cross-reference with your coach or use the plan as you like)
  • Message molly (at) theoutdooredit.com if you have any questions!

Your Coaches:

Peter Glassford: Peter Glassford is a Registered Kinesiologist and a Certified Cycling Coach. He has been instructing mountain bike skills since 2000. His clients are mostly busy, adult athletes with families and work who use the Smart Athlete philosophy to achieve awesome performances in huge adventures! He also runs camps and clinics for private groups as well as Provincial and National Cycling Associations. He and his wife, Molly Hurford, explore all sorts of different sports and movements on The Consummate Athlete Podcast. Peter also still races and you will see him at a variety of cycling events throughout the year. You can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter @peterglassford or visit www.smartathlete.ca to find out more.

Molly Hurford: Molly Hurford is a journalist in love with all things cycling, running, nutrition and movement-related. When not outside, she’s writing about being outside, travel, and athletic style on TheOutdoorEdit.com or for outlets like Bicycling, Canadian Cycling and Outside magazine. She’s spent months exploring and coaching in Girona and it’s become one of her favorite places in the world to ride and train. Molly is the author of multiple books on cycling and her most recent project, Shred Girls, is a young adult fiction series (and Shred-Girls.com!) focused on getting girls excited about bikes. She’s a little obsessed with getting more women psyched on adventure and being outside, and she regularly hosts talks, clinics and camps for cyclists. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @mollyjhurford




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