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Have You Checked Out Our (Free) 7-Day Kickstart to Healthy Living Yet? What’s Stopping You?!

February 21, 2018

Have You Checked Out Our (Free) 7-Day Kickstart to Healthy Living Yet? What’s Stopping You?!

How are those New Year’s resolutions, goals, or intentions going?

Hopefully, you’re crushing it. Maybe you’re struggling a little. Maybe you’ve completely gone back to your old habits—habit change is freaking hard, and sometimes, those sweeping changes that make us feel like Beyonce when we announce them to the world are waaaaay tougher after the initial high has worn off.

… But maybe, the struggle is that you haven’t exactly put systems in place for just yet. That’s why Peter—head coach at SmartAthlete—and I created the FREE SmartAthlete 7-Day Kickstart for Healthy Living. We launched it in January, and so far, we’ve had some great feedback, and we’ve been able to use it to help some coaching clients dial in their lifestyle issues that are hindering their training, plus nudge some readers and fitness enthusiasts in the right direction.

What exactly is it? It’s a seven-day series of emails tackling the big-picture lifestyle changes that most of us are missing, like sleep, movement throughout the day, food and real motivation.

We realized that a lot of the questions from clients we work with and emails we get from Consummate Athlete Podcast listeners aren’t about specific intervals or training techniques, they’re about lifestyle changes that need to be made before training can really be 100% effective. The non-sexy things like eating a few more veggies, or adding a walk to the day. So, we put together a ‘kickstart program‘ that goes into depth on a few lifestyle-oriented habits that you can and should be putting in place to ensure that your training actually helps you make gains this year. Each day is a new ‘cornerstone’ habit to get you going down the right path, plus a list of the smaller-scale daily habits that you can start implementing. Some days are pretty easy and should only take a few minutes to get through, while some are more involved, like actually making it through a pantry cleanout (and donating the food instead of just hiding it in the garage. I see you!)

If you’re looking for a kick in the ass to commit to healthier living this year—not just sticking to a training plan, but really making a healthy environment for you and your family—this is a great spot to start. We’ve spent the last couple months putting this together based on years of our own research, experiences, and client experiences. And bonus, it’s totally free… So there’s no excuse to not start today!

Signing up just means you get 7 days worth of awesome emails from us, tackling all the lifestyle parts that contribute to a happy training environment and creating the best possible version of you! There are videos, handouts and tons of bonus content on sleep, food, flexibility, movement, motivation and knowing why you want to train and getting honest about what your goals are. There is literally no downside to signing up and even just skimming these for the next 7 days. I know for me, even when I’ve seen some information before (like, you know, eating more veggies), I need the occasional reminder. And we set it to deliver at 6AM to your email inbox daily because again, from my experience, I find that starting the day reading something inspiring me to treat myself a little better / healthier is the kick in the ass that I need to get out of bed and actually start the day feeling like I can be a healthy, productive, happier version of myself. (I was gonna say boss-a$$ b-word, but this is a family website!)

Anyway, do yourself a solid and sign up for the Kickstart to Healthy Living program, and you’ll get the first email in your inbox at 6AM tomorrow to kick off a great week:

I want to start living healthy in 2018!

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Intrigued, but unsure? You can listen to the latest Consummate Athlete Podcast where we dive into all the fun stuff that’s in the Healthy KickStart, and some of our favorite tips.

Happy New Year!


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