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Celebrate #ConsummateAthleteLove This Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2020

Celebrate #ConsummateAthleteLove This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is this Friday and at the Consummate Athlete HQ, we wanted to extend a little challenge to our podcast listeners: Celebrating #ConsummateAthleteLove. Whether you’re in a relationship or grabbing a friend or family member, what we want everyone to do is spend some time outside or in an unfamiliar Consummate-Athlete-esque environment in adventuring, exploring, and trying a new sport together. If you’re a cyclist, don’t bring your partner on a bike ride, get out on a snowshoe together instead. If you’re a runner, don’t make your best friend do a 5-miler with you, go to a barre class neither of you has tried. Find some kind of new sport, and bring someone new to it this weekend!

And while you’re doing your new activity—rock climbing, acro-yoga-ing, salsa dancing, snowboarding, whatever—grab a photo and put it on Instagram and tag #ConsummateAthleteLove. On Monday, we’ll select a winning pair from the weekend and send out a sweet prize package!



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