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Consummate Athlete Podcast: “Retired” Pro Tour Racer Phil Gaimon on Strava, Entrepreneurship & Bikes

I was really lucky to have spent the last few months in Southern California for many reasons, but one of them was definitely that I finally got to hang out with former Pro Tour rider, author, entrepreneur, Strava badass, podcaster and just generally cool-guy-to-know Phil Gaimon. We got cookies and coffee and talked about life,

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New Consummate Athlete Podcast with Dean Golich // Olympics, Altitude, Power:Weight and TSS

Olympics, Training for Altitude, Training for Motorsports, Power:Weight, Trimps Vs. TSS In this episode of The Consummate Athlete Podcast, we talked to CTS Premier Coach and Head Physiologist Dean Golich about his experiences at the RIO Olympics and some of the interesting things he observed while there. He tells us about Rebecca Rusch’s preparation for

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